Heavy machinery

Increasing productivity to meet rising cost pressures 

The heavy machinery segment extends from construction and earth-moving equipment through quarrying machines to fork-lift trucks and agricultural vehicles. All of these machines have highly specialized engineering requirements.

In addition, as competition from countries such as India and China intensifies, manufacturers in this sector are challenged to maximise productivity and cost efficiencies.

We cover the full spectrum, with dedicated gas solutions that scale from fully automated laser welding systems for industrial-scale plants to manual welding solutions for repair shops.

Highlights of  heavy equipment offering include:

  • All-in-one welding solutions
  • Customised cutting and heating solutions
  • Complete laser gas solutions
  • Thermal spray coating solutions for the perfect surface finish
  • Heat treatment processes to achieve the desired micro structure, physical properties and surface properties
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • Productivity-enhancing cryogenic gas solutions for moulded plastic & rubber components and tyres
  • Refrigerant supply solutions for mobile air conditioning systems

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