How to calculate the maximum capacity of a crane

A crane alone can lift a load as high as his main wheel permits. This maximum wheel load depends on several factors. The rated capacity of course is important, but the impact reduction factor determines its importance. The other factors are the overall weight of the crane and the weight of the trolley and mounting hoist, In addition to the load of the crane, using the maximum load of the wheel to select other crane components, such as beam size.


  1. Divide the weight of the crane, measured in pounds, in 2. If the weight of the crane is 6,000 pounds (2700 kg): 6000/2 = 3000.
  2. Add the weight of the crane and truck, also measured in pounds. If they are weighing 2500 pounds (1100 kg) combined: 3000 + 2500 = 5500.
  3. Multiply the weight of the nominal load capacity by reducing the impact factor. If the first is 10,000 pounds (4500 kg) and the second is 1.2: 1.2 x 10,000 = 12,000.
  4. Add the answers from steps 2 and 3: 5,500 + 12,000 = 17,500.
  5. Divide the result by 2: 17.500 / 2 = 8750 pounds (4000 kg). This response is the maximum load of the crane.

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