How to handle a Bobcat skid steer loader

Since the introduction of the first Bobcat skid steer in 1960, thousands have discovered the wonder of the machine. These trucks can be fitted quickly with tools to handle almost any soil movement or lifting, some work that an owner of home or small contractor required. The tools can be changed in seconds allowing the operator to dig, transport, sweep, move platforms, brush or break stone and concrete. Bobcat skid steer are very easy to operate.


  1. Grab the handles that control the front and rear movement of the machine. The movement is controlled by moving a lever, and short turns both levers at the same time but in opposite directions. For example, to turn left you have three options: pull the left lever back, push the right lever forward or pull the left and right push at the same time. When a lever is pulled and the other pushed, the skid steer loader can rotate on the spot without moving.
  2. Place your feet on the pedals. The left pedal functions control the lifting and lowering of the machine while the right pedal controls the tilt bucket.
  3. Lower the bar by pulling your legs. Hydraulic machine will not work unless the bar is low.
  4. Press the drive insurance button.
  5. To increases the speed push forward the engine throttle, which is the orange lever to your right. Bobcat should be operated at maximum speed almost always, but be careful, as this makes very fast movements.
  6. Right handles to lift the load. Push the load forward until wheels rotate, then press the left pedal with your heel while trying to drive forward. This will fill the bucket. Push the right pedal with your heel to tip the bucket back to handle.
  7. The machine is operated with low load. Just lift it to a height that allows the bucket free the ground. As you approach the area where you leave the load, lift it enough to empty. Step on the right foot with the front of your foot to tilt the bucket and remove the load. Moving your heel back and forth, with the right pedal, the bucket will shake and liberate the whole load. Lower the bucket again by pressing the pedal with the left front foot.

Tips & Warnings

Carrying a heavy load in the raised position can make the machine too heavy and not easy to turn. Always consider low loads.

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