How to transport heavy machinery

Have you ever wondered how you carry from one place to another such large machines? The truth is a complicated transport given its size and weight, you need a good organization of logistics, along with careful consideration of the safety and legislation. In this post I will talk about how to transport these machines.

The first thing to ask yourself is whether you are able to make this transport, if you have the means and experience, if not the case, I strongly recommend you hire a specialist to do this service. Although at first glance you think it’s expensive, thought he is a specialist to whom you trust your machinery.

Some general information you need to know, well you who makes the transport or if you hire someone, depends on the country in which you reside or want to transport the machine will vary.

To transport machinery, the two most common options are: assemble the machine on a truck platform or attaching wheels on one end of the machine and a truck trailer for this one. Depending on the infrastructure that you have available you or your specialist.

Before choosing the way that the machine will be transported, I advise you to check the journey to be undertaken, road, access, etc. Note that transporting an object of great dimensions it would not hurt you to tell the relevant authorities that are going to make that journey. This may alert other users that you will travel on this road and accompany during the trip signaling that vehicle are long, wide and far slower than the rest.

If you do not have a police escort to tell other drivers the dimensions you have. For this you must put in the back of your vehicle, i.e. behind the machine carriage, a poster with the length, width and height of the vehicle and machine assembly. You should also put the lights and if you have emergency lights. The more visible the sign is the more you and others will be.

I think it goes without saying so, but make sure the machine is perfectly attached to the truck or trailer and every so often make a stop, so you can rest and to check that everything is in order, the hooks are not impaired, work lights, etc.

As the transport of heavy machinery is a difficult task and a logistics project, I recommend you hire someone specialized and trustworthy. To find a person who meets these requirements you do not need to spend hours searching the Internet. It’s as easy as posting the machine you want to transport and wait for a carrier offers its services.

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